Spring Style Inspirations

Spring 2018 is looking very positive in the fashion industry. The colors are fresh and feminine. While black will always be a classic, go-to color pastels are stealing the stage this spring and summer.

Speaking of Pastels one of the trendiest colors is lilac (or shades of). Other colors to look for if you want to add to your wardrobe are soft yellow and duck egg blue. It's the soft shades that speak volumes about your style. As Victoria Beckham stated, "delicacy can be strong." Try pairing a soft pink blouse with a lemon yellow skirt and you may just look like you stepped right off the runway.

Sequins - wow! Sequins you say, yes! And yes! Sequins and sparkles are all the rage. We've been seeing hints of this in handbags and now with apparel. Try a pair of sequin jeans and pair with a sweatshirt or a sparkly shirt paired with a pair of pastel pants or skirt for a daytime look.

Checks - Not the kind that will fill your bank account but simple, old fashioned checks are also chic and will be around for awhile. If you want a traditional approach a vest, a skirt and the hottest, and we mean hottest trend coming up is...drum roll...check caps!! Stay ahead of the game and grab one when you can as we predict they will not stay on shelves long. This look will go all the way through winter.

Plastic - Yes, we hear you. But plastic is already seen everywhere from handbags to shoes. Top brands such as Chanel, Calvin Klein and Fendi have plastic in almost every color imaginable. Planning a trip abroad? You'll be surprised just how hot this look is. If you are the brave type you might just be amazed at the rave reviews you will receive when you wear a pair of plastic shoes, boots, or even a dress. Want to be in style but on a conservative side? Pair your outfit with plastic handbag. You can find transparent bags in many styles.

Fringe - Visions of the 60"s came to mind when we first thought about fringe but the fringe for today and tomorrow have been ramped up and give a more sophisticated and empowered appeal. If it is good enough for Rihanna we believe anyone can wear it and pull it off. Dresses with fringe are super cute and stylish and you might just surprise yourself to see how good you look.

Bold Color - Okay, we agree this sounds the opposite of pastel but bold colors are also real inspirations to some.  From New to Paris, the shows were awash with vibrant, bold shades to suit every coloring. If your skin tone is not suited for pastels give a bold color a try.

Sheer - We really are crushin' the sheer look. No, we probably wouldn't wear it alone but we definitely love the feminine look and the vibe it gives, "I am women and I am strong." Skirts and dresses are super fun with the cycling shorts under the sheer skirt bottoms...we just can't say enough...we love this look.

Ruffles - This takes us back a few years when ruffles were seen on women's shirt collars and necklines. However, todays ruffles are on steroids and look so much better and sophisticated. Ruffles add that feminine touch and designers are using them on almost everything we touch and wear from hats to shoes and everything in between.

Cinderella Shoes - No, you don't have to be a toddler to get by with this look. However, all the glitz and shiny glimmer with sequins and sparkles maybe just a bit much, try grabbling a pair of Mary Jane's to add just the right sparkle to your ensemble. If your style is more inline with heels you can also grab a pair of Cinderella Shoes to add the glitz...just be sure to wear with socks as that is also the look on a come back.

Multiple Handbags - Trying to look stylish and cramming everything you want/need to carry in one handbag is a real struggle with women. If you can relate you will be happy to hear that carrying multiple bags at once is huge! Designers like Gucci, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana are on point with their models showcased with multiple bags. So go ahead and carry your favorite tote bag and crossbody bag together after all it's in, it's chic and fashionable to do so.

Fashions come and fashions go. What was trendy years ago will be trendy again. Let your style be your guide when adding a few of these fashion inspirations and just have fun. You can go all out or still slay the hottest look with a fashion accessory.



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