Jumpsuits: A Women's Alternative Outfit For Work & Holidays

Women's Jumpsuits: A Great Holiday Outfit


When you think about the holidays and parties the first thing that normally comes to your mind is, "I have to get a dress". But did you know a jumpsuit is a chic, and elegant alternative? Jumpsuits for women have come a long way and the styles compliment so many figures. What we like most about a jumpsuit is it's versatility. Depending on how elaborate you want the detailing to be, this one piece of women's apparel can be worn to work, dinners, plays and YES for the holidays. 

Whether you want long sleeves, sleeveless or short sleeves there is a jumpsuit out there for you. When shopping for jumpsuits you may just be surprised at all the choices. Do you want one with bling? A solid colored one? Patterned? Wide pant legs? And don't forget the neckline. V-necks are a great choice for any height especially ladies under 5'5". Why? This style helps elongate the body giving the illusion of being taller. Of course, depending on the formality of the event, halter top jumpsuits are really popular as they add the right amount of sexy but in good fashion taste. Cocktail parties just call for a jumpsuit. You can wear any sleeve length and pant width and you will have a classic look. If you want something with a bit of a flow you may want to consider a hi-low jumpsuit. This style works for any body type, short in the front with a long skirt attached in the back. It's classy, it's elegant and you will definitely feel like a princess. 

Besides being a great holiday outfit the jumpsuit also is an overlooked piece of women's clothing for the workplace. It's sophisticated, it gives the look of confidence which is why we love it for an interview or important meetings. Rather than wearing a two piece pant or skirt set consider wearing a jumpsuit for a put together look. It's not just flattering, it's comfortable and when we are comfortable our self esteem rises. 

If we were to choose a couple jumpsuits to add to our wardrobe, of course, we'd select a classic black or dark blue and also one that may be out of our comfort zone...until we see our reflection in the mirror and wonder why it took us so long to finally wear a jumpsuit.

Where's your favorite place to wear a jumpsuit?


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