How to Choose the Right Crossbody Bag

Little Sassy Crossbody How many times have you gone shopping looking for a new handbag and within minutes (seconds really) felt overwhelmed? If you are like us, this happens more times than not. So how do you choose the right crossbody handbag?

First, the type of crossbody bag you choose depends on if you normally carry a small sized handbag or a large one. If it is the last, consider you body frame.

When shopping online make sure you look at the size of the bag. We suggest using a handbag you have that is close in size to the one you are interested in. Place the bag across your body and walk around to see if it feels right. You should know rather quickly if it’s too big or maybe a bit small. Shopping in store allows you to try on the bag and see if it’s a good fit. Again, we suggest walking around and seeing how it hangs and feels on your side. A mistake we hear often is from ladies that look at the bag in a mirror to make their decision.

Now that you have a better idea of the size it is also really important to consider how often you will be carrying it and what you want the handbag to hold. Occasional use with just your necessities means you can probably get away with a smaller crossbody. However, we recommend you check the length and width of your largest item you want to have with you. As an example, if you carry your hairbrush with a long handle make sure it can fit. Also, you do not want a really wide eye shadow palette to make the bag bulge to the point of it not shutting properly.

As with most handbag styles you have to choose among thousands of designs. The most important factor is if you want genuine leather or vegan leather, a designer bag or trendy bag inspired by the designers. Of course, your budget may make this choice for you. Whatever you choose the number one take away is that you feel fashionably fantastic.

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