Fall 2018 Trends In Denim

 Denim Trends for Fall 2018

Denim will always be fashionable and it is not gender specific. Denim just makes you feel in style whether you wear your favorite jeans with heels, booties or tennis shoes. 

This fall denim is mellowing, just a bit. The trend is going towards a more fitted look rather than the big and baggy. That's not to say if you love the baggy you shouldn't wear, it just won't be a big a deal this season.

Dark and medium wash are all the rage and you can see that trending already if you look at any fashion magazines or follow the celebs. Personally, we think it depends on your mood, but this post is about what the trend will be in denim.

Along with the medium to dark washed jeans, high waisted is making a pretty strong come back. It is easier to dress up or dress down and let's face it...when your workplace allows for casual Fridays it's a win-win. High waisted have always had a more classic, put together look. 

The distressed look isn't going anywhere either. In fact all the rage is raw waist lines and raw hems. The raw hem can give your outfit a number of different styles from the sophisticated office boss to BOHO chic, which is why you are starting to see it more and more.

While this post primarily discussed jeans, the trends will be seen in denim jackets as well as dresses and shirts. Of course...you can't talk about denim without focusing on the jeans first.

Until next time...wear what makes you happy and keeps you fashionable.

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